About SuboxoneClinics.net

As soon as Suboxone became approved by the FDA to treat drug addiction, suboxone clinics have popped out in many cities and states across the U.S. As we saw the need for those who struggle with Opioid Use Disorder to find a local, reputable clinic, we decided to collect information on all drug rehabs that provide suboxone treatment in the United States. This is how SuboxoneClinics.net was born. After our official website launch, we have seen numerous people use our website to locate the perfect medication-assisted treatment clinic for them.

Why do we do it?

Drug abuse is a terrible problem in the United States and cross the world. We decided that we can no longer sit and watch idly as people struggle to find the right options for opioid abuse, and have created SuboxoneClinics.net as a result.

Do we favor any suboxone clinics over others?

Absolutely not! We have collected data on every suboxone clinic or rehab center that can offer suboxone treatment. It’s then your choice as to what clinic you ultimately decide to use to treat yours or your loved one’s drug addiction.

Are our listings accurate?

We try to make them as accurate as possible. We use official data wherever it is available and do try to update our listings from time to time to ensure they remain as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We pride ourselves in having a reputable, searchable online database of treatment providers that use suboxone for addiction treatment that is second to none. However, please note that we cannot guarantee accuracy or up-to-date information. Please double check each treatment center's credentials and reputation before starting treatment.